Manual Resuscitation / Ambu Bag

Manual Resuscitation / Ambu Bag

Manfacturer and Supplier of all types of Top Quality Ambu Bags at an affordable cost.

Ambu Bags!

Best Quality Ambu Bag, Manual Resuscitation Manufacturer

An Ambu bag, also known as a bag-valve-mask (BVM), is a medical device used to assist a patient's breathing. It is a hand-held device that consists of a self-inflating bag, a face mask, and a one-way valve. The bag is squeezed manually by a healthcare provider to provide positive pressure ventilation to the patient's lungs. Ambu bags are commonly used in emergency medical situations when a patient is unable to breathe on their own. They can also be used during anesthesia or in cases of respiratory failure. The device provides a temporary solution until the patient's breathing can be stabilized or a more advanced breathing support system can be used.

Dispowell Surgicals Provides E Ambu Bag/Manual Resuscitation With International quality standard. The accessories include PVC mask, Oxygen Tubing, Reservoir Bag & Airways. For Single use only, 100% Latex Free.

Ambu bags are available in various sizes to accommodate patients of different ages and sizes. They are simple to use and do not require electricity, making them a versatile tool in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and ambulances. However, proper training is required to use the device effectively and safely.

  • Autoclavable & Reusable
  • Non-rebreathing valve
  • Pressure release valve
  • 360° Rotatable patient connector
  • PVC corrugated open oxygen reservoir
  • 1.5-meter tubing

Why Dispowell Surgicals is best for Manufacturing your Ambu Bag?

  • 10 Years of vast experience
  • WHO-GMP, ISO 13485 & 9001 Compliance
  • CE Certified, MDR Approved
  • Get Ambu Bag in your own brand also
  • On time and fast Delivery
  • Ambu Bag are Fully sterile by Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
  • Competitive rates
  • Non-Toxic Ambu Bag
  • Pyrogen free Ambu Bag
  • Export in over 50 countries
  • Inbuilt Sterility Testing Lab
  • Inbuilt Toxicity Testing Lab
  • Inbuilt Leakage/Sealing Testing Lab
  • Large Manufacturing unit
  • Works on Standard SOP
  • Best Quality Ambu Bag
  • Free Sale Certificate for Exporters

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