Three Way Stopcock

Three Way Stopcock, 3 way stopcock

Manfacturer and Supplier of all types of Best Quality Sterile Economical Three Way Stopcock at an affordable cost.

Three Way Stopcock!

Best Quality Three Way Stopcock Manufacturer and Exporter

3-Way stopcocks are single-use sterile medical products meant to be used in conjunction with other devices during infusion therapy. Their main functions are : To safely stop or restore an infusion flow. To provide two additional ports for administration of any fluid.

Three way stop cock mainly Used for simultaneous and continuous infusion of two fluids to connect.

Dispowell Surgicals is one of the best 3 – Way Stopcock Disposable manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in the world at a best rate.

Three Way Stopcock manufactured from transparent polycarbonate/PE. Inside is completely smooth & available with molded Luer Lock. Manufactured using non-toxic medical grade material. ETO (Ethylene Oxide)-Sterile and pyrogen free.

  • 3 Way stopcock are suitable for use during
  • Pressure infusion & invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • Made in medical grade, Clear transparent poly carbonate
  • 3 arm handle is easy to operate
  • Minimum residual volume, rigid construction with circular flow-channel
  • Prevents the incidence of air-trap
  • Provided with two female luer lock ports & one male luer lock port with rotating lock, for safe connection to other device

Why Dispowell Surgicals is best for Manufacturing your Three Way Stopcock?

  • 10 Years of vast experience
  • WHO-GMP, ISO 13485 & 9001 Compliance
  • CE Certified, MDR Approved
  • Get Three Way Stopcock in your own brand
  • On time and fast Delivery
  • Three Way Stopcock are Fully sterile by Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
  • Competitive rates
  • Non-Toxic Three Way Stopcock
  • Pyrogen free Three Way Stopcock
  • Export in over 50 countries
  • Inbuilt Sterility Testing Lab
  • Inbuilt Toxicity Testing Lab
  • Inbuilt Leakage/Sealing Testing Lab
  • Large Manufacturing unit
  • Works on Standard SOP
  • Best Quality Three Way Stopcock
  • Free Sale Certificate for Exporters

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