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Nelaton Catheter, Urethral Catheter

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Nelaton Catheter!

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A Nelaton catheter, also known as a urethral catheter, is a thin, flexible tube inserted into the bladder through the urethra to drain urine from the body. It is named after French physician Auguste Nelaton, who invented it in the mid-19th century. Nelaton catheters are typically made of either latex or silicone and come in various sizes for different patients. They are commonly used in medical settings to relieve urinary retention or to monitor urine output in patients who are unable to urinate on their own due to surgery, injury, or certain medical conditions.

Dispowell Surgical is India's best Nelaton Catheter manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in the international market at a best rate. Made from medical grade thermo-sensitive PVC material. Non-irritant to delicate mucous membranes of urethra. Perfectly finished closed distal end for smooth & painless insertion. Provided with two side eyes for efficient drainage. Also provided with funnel- shaped color- coded connector at the proximal -end. An X-ray opaque line made out of tested and siliconized, non-toxic PVC material with smooth finish to prevent obstruction of lumen and trauma to urethra by abrasion. Sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen free.

The catheter is inserted into the urethra and advanced into the bladder until urine begins to flow. The urine is then collected in a bag attached to the catheter. The catheter can be left in place for a short or long period of time depending on the patient's needs. Nelaton catheters are also sometimes referred to as Foley catheters, although Foley catheters are typically a different type of urinary catheter that includes a balloon that is inflated to keep the catheter in place.

  • Super smooth kink resistance tubing
  • Manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant medical grade PVC material
  • Compatible with catheter lubricants
  • Smooth incubation
  • Coned distal end for atraumatic cauterization
  • Two lateral eyes for efficient drainage
  • Radiopaque line provided throughout the length of the catheter for X-ray visualization
  • Universal funnel shape connector for easy connection to urine bag
  • Sterile & individually packaged
  • Length: 40 cm

Why Dispowell Surgicals is best for Manufacturing your Nelaton Catheter?

  • 10 Years of vast experience
  • WHO-GMP, ISO 13485 & 9001 Compliance
  • CE Certified, MDR Approved
  • Get Nelaton Catheter in your own brand also
  • On time and fast Delivery
  • Nelaton Catheter are Fully sterile by Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
  • Competitive rates
  • Non-Toxic Nelaton Catheter
  • Pyrogen free Nelaton Catheter
  • Export in over 50 countries
  • Inbuilt Sterility Testing Lab
  • Inbuilt Toxicity Testing Lab
  • Inbuilt Leakage/Sealing Testing Lab
  • Large Manufacturing unit
  • Works on Standard SOP
  • Best Quality Nelaton Catheter
  • Free Sale Certificate for Exporters

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